onfiction by melissa higgins

I Don’t Bully Capstone Pebble Books (2014)

“[T]he clear, straightforward writing helps make concepts ... comprehensible to young readers.... [T]hey are effective ways to make children aware of bullying and its negative effects.” School Library Journal

Celebrating Differences Capstone Pebble Plus (2012)

“These primary-aged books sparkle . . . By stressing positive messages about our differences, the overall effect of this series is inclusive.” Recommended. Library Media Connections

Life’s Challenges Capstone Picture Window Books (2011)

“Salient details are in place . . . and key images are not avoided. Higgins’ language is well pitched for adults to read to children. . . .” Booklist

“Counselors and teachers will appreciate the frank and compassionate tone, and families will find solace and guidance.” Highly Recommended. Library Media Connections


nonfiction for middle-grade readers (grades 3 - 6)

Sgt. Reckless the War Horse: Korean War Hero

Animal Heroes

Capstone Picture Window Books (2014)


nonfiction for older readers (grades 6-12)

Jamestown Colony

Foundations of Our Nation

ABDO Publishing (2013)

Roe v. Wade: Abortion and a Woman's Right to Privacy Landmark Supreme Court Cases

ABDO Publishing (2012)

Sea Monsters

Creatures of Legend

ABDO Publishing (2014)

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nonfiction for young readers (grades K - 3)

Living with Substance Addiction Living with Health Challenges

ABDO Publishing (2012)

Teen Self Injury

Essential Issues

ABDO Publishing (August 2014)

Babysitter’s Backpack

Capstone Young Readers (2014)

Jennifer Lawrence: Breakout Actress Contemporary Lives

ABDO Publishing (2013)

Wind Energy

Innovative Technologies

ABDO Publishing (2013)

Taylor Swift: Country and Pop Superstar Contemporary Lives

ABDO Publishing (2013)

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks Founder Essential Lives

ABDO Publishing (2011)

No More Bullies Capstone Picture Window Books (2015)

Grassland Ecosystems

Ecosystems of the World

ABDO Publishing (2015)

How the Wheel Changed History

Essential Library of Inventions

ABDO Publishing (2015)


Red Rhino Hi-Lo Nonfiction

Saddleback Educational Publishing (2015)


Special Reports

ABDO Publishing (2016)

Net Neutrality

Essential Library of the Information Age

ABDO Publishing (2016)

Edward Snowden

Essential Lives

ABDO Publishing (2016)

The Gender Wage Gap

Special Reports

ABDO Publishing (2017)

Traveler's Guide to a Smooth Road Trip

Capstone Young Readers (2017)

Start Your Babysitting Service

Capstone Young Readers (2017)

Future: Rap Rising Star

Hip-Hop Artists

ABDO Publishing (2018)

Smithsonian Little Explorer Capstone Press (2019)

Snakes Capstone Pebble Plus (2013)

"If you want to see snakes in full vibrant color, this is the series for you! This beautifully illustrated series is everything a snake lover could want.” Library Media Connection

"Through simple, direct language, each title introduces basic information about a single species . . . the impressive photos and solid information will have strong appeal to younger readers.”

School Library Journal

Ice Age Animals Capstone Pebble Plus (2015)